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When you start your career at Crown Castle, you work on the front lines of advancing technology—enabling the services that keep us safe and connected, and that make life more enjoyable. Crown Castle offers structured, full-time, two-year rotational development programs for university graduates: Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) and Finance Development Program (FDP). Participants are immersed in an exciting industry—with a unique culture and a growing, stable business model. Following the program, participants will be placed in a full-time position.

Career Development

Virginia shares how the program helps build a career.

Typical Day

John explains a day in the life of an ELP member.

Collaborating Together

Alexis discusses how they collaborate and work with leaders.

Unique Culture

Ellen describes Crown Castle's unique culture, no matter where you are.

Getting Settled

Riley talks about relocating throughout his rotations.

Opportunity Ahead

Oswin highlights the new possibilities Crown Castle is enabling.

Hit the ground running.

Our development programs will give you lots of opportunities to learn and grow as you develop your career at Crown Castle—starting on day one:

  • You'll work with a program expert to uncover your talents and develop your career path.
  • Four job rotations within two years will give you tremendous and varied business experience, and a great education on our business model strategy.
  • Emerging Leaders Program may include rotations in finance, real estate, construction and engineering operations.
  • Finance Development Program includes rotations in capital markets and investor relations—with potential for corporate development and M&A, financial planning & analysis, and operational/business unit finance.
  • We will send you on a new assignment and, likely, to a new geographic location every six months. We will determine your assignments and locations.

Qualifying for the program.

This program is designed to be an investment in future leadership talent. It will be fast-paced, challenging, and even rigorous at times. Recruitment is highly selective. We are looking for people who:

  • Are fast learners who want to become leaders in business
  • Have a tremendous work ethic
  • Have a history of excellence and integrity
  • Are resourceful in overcoming obstacles
  • Strive to get involved and be a leader
  • Demonstrate confidence, candor, adaptability, and humility—someone you want to be on a team with
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree
  • Are authorized to work in the US full-time without additional sponsorship
  • Are able to relocate to an assigned location approximately four times over a two-year period

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