A forward-looking solution in the face of outdated rules.

As the county seat of Orange County, CA, Santa Ana is the home of many government offices and courthouses, as well as several corporate headquarters and an array of public institutions and universities. It’s a recipe for growth—and a strain on the city’s wireless networks. Expanding wireless infrastructure was a challenge because the city’s existing codes were not written to accommodate the latest wireless technologies.

What we did:

  • Established an open and collaborative process with city officials across all relevant departments
  • Worked closely with the community to earn trust and accommodate their needs
  • Reached agreement with city officials on a process to review and issue permits within established timeframes
  • Quickly deployed over 100 small cell nodes on existing infrastructure like utility poles
  • Greatly improved and enhanced the city’s wireless coverage and capacity
  • Developed lasting relationships and reliable processes that will make future upgrades easier in Santa Ana

Small cell nodes were installed on existing utility pole wires.

A close-up view of a newly installed node on existing wires.