Building owners

As a REIT, real estate is a core part of our business. We’re invested in the successful use of your property just as much as you are. If you’re already leasing your rooftop for wireless infrastructure, we may be able to negotiate more financially beneficial terms for you. Whether you’re looking to renegotiate an existing lease or benefit from a lump sum cash buyout, we want to talk to you and find ways to maximize the value of what you already have.

  • Monetization: We can offer you a new source of capital from your rooftop wireless tenant leases that will provide you with an immediate lump sum payment.
  • Marketing: With minimal cost and effort from you, we’ll provide ongoing marketing of your rooftop sites and will pay you a revenue share for each new tenant we put on your property. With our award-winning marketing tool, CCIsites, we’ll help you unlock the revenue potential of your property.
  • Management: We manage the end-to-end process with the wireless community on your behalf, including contract management of any existing leases. We make sure your rooftop site is safe, secure, and well maintained with our comprehensive site maintenance program. We also manage both your existing wireless tenants and new installations, acting as the first and last point of contact with wireless carriers.


Rooftop Alliance Program

Our Rooftop Alliance Program provides a unique way for you to maximize opportunity from your assets. As mobile usage continues to explode and more people use data-hungry services such as mobile video and smartphone apps, wireless carriers are seeking creative ways to improve network quality, including rooftop solutions.

We’ll offer you a cash buyout of your rooftop wireless tenant leases—providing you with a lump sum payment that you can use to fund your immediate capital needs. We’ll also be responsible for the ongoing marketing of the rooftop site and will pay you a revenue share for each new tenant we put on your property. We’ll maintain the site and manage the relationships with the wireless carriers. And with our best-in-class CCIsites tool, the site will be instantly visible to those carriers looking to expand service in your area—creating more revenue opportunities for you—and less hassle. View our fact sheet.


CCIsites is our patented, state-of-the-art tool that wireless carriers use to discover available sites—including yours. With over 200,000 Crown Castle and non-Crown Castle assets throughout the US, CCIsites is an effective way to match your property with wireless carriers’ needs. By being featured on CCIsites, you get the benefit of:

  • Over 2,500 registered wireless carriers, engineering vendors, and site acquisition users conducting hundreds of daily searches
  • Search ring analysis tool that expedites carriers’ site selection
  • An online tool that simplifies the carrier application process
  • The “Best Online Site Location Tool” according to the Tower Industry “Excellence in Business” award
  • The #1 ranked tool according to our wireless carrier customers

Learn more about CCIsites

Questions and Answers

I’m interested in your program, but why should I choose Crown Castle?
Crown Castle is the largest and most trusted wireless real estate provider in the industry. We are an S&P 500 publicly listed company, and as a REIT we understand the issues of real estate owners. Simply put, Crown Castle is best positioned to maximize your immediate and long-term value.

How flexible are your deal terms?
Crown Castle prides itself in matching owners’ priorities with our deal structure. Whether it’s tax implications, liquidity issues, covenant restrictions, or future concerns, owners will benefit from Crown Castle’s knowledge, experience, and flexibility.

Does the sale of my rooftop impact potential future plans of my building?
Crown Castle recognizes that fear of the unknown—future use, tenant churn, redevelopment, etc.—can make the decision to move forward challenging. We have completed hundreds of transactions and are experienced in ensuring you retain the flexibility you need to continue to maximize value from the core use of your building.

Why is now a good time to align with Crown Castle?
The growing use of mobile devices—phones, tablets, wearable technology—puts tremendous strain on the capacity of wireless carriers’ networks. One of the primary solutions is to add more sites. Wireless carriers often have multiple choices when selecting a new location—an alliance with Crown Castle helps tip the scale in your favor to secure future business on your roof.

From the date we agree to terms, how long does it take to close and receive funding?
It generally takes up to 90 days: 30 days to receive the initial findings of the traditional real estate due diligence items and another 30 to 60 days to resolve any issues identified during the due diligence.