• Extra cash: Get a steady stream of cash for long-term financial needs or a large cash buyout to cover short-term needs.
  • Tax advantages: There may be several potential tax advantages to negotiating a buyout. See Tax options.
  • Reliable partner: We’re a reliable, stable partner with a reputation for offering the most money and the best customer service.
  • Grow with us: As the need for wireless access in your community grows, so will your income.
  • Best price: We’re not here to buy and “flip” your lease. Managing wireless infrastructure is our business, and we want to continue working with you well into the future. In the long run, that means a better price for you.
  • Reputation: Our 90% overall landowner satisfaction rating speaks for itself. We’re not just building infrastructure—we’re building stable, lifelong relationships with landowners, employees, and communities.

What makes us different?

We’re in it for the long haul. Our business model is not contingent on us turning around and selling your property for a profit. The people you work with today will be the same people you’ll work with for years to come. And because we value that relationship, you can be sure we’ll treat your property with the care it deserves. We’re the nation’s largest provider of shared communications infrastructure, with:

  • Approximately 40,000 towers
  • A significant presence in all US markets
  • 50 local offices nationwide
  • Over 4,500 employees

How we work

Since we’re not driven by reselling, our negotiators can be transparent in our plans for your property and you can know exactly what you’re getting into. Our business model allows us to offer you flexible terms and payouts, and our sales agents know your local zoning and real estate laws. That means a faster, smoother transaction for you. And when it’s all said and done, we’ll pick up all the traditional closing costs.

Who we serve

We have experience working with all kinds of property owners, including:

  • Individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • Communities of worship

Tax options

You should consult a tax advisor about all the potential benefits available to you. But certain lump sum payouts may be treated as capital gains and are taxed at a lower rate. You may also qualify for 1031 tax-deferred exchange. Learn more here.


“I was very impressed with the people at the headquarters. They did exactly what they said they would do. That was so refreshing.” — Barney S. (Property Owner)

“From the start, Crown Castle was the best to deal with; they were forthright and had integrity.” — Susan W. (Property Owner)

“We retained a lawyer who knew all the industry players and he advised we go with the premier company that is buying—Crown Castle.” — Lee V., President (Grace Baptist Church)

Our authorized agents

A number of our landowners have told us they have received information about cell tower leases from parties other than our Authorized Agents. Some of this information may be inaccurate or misleading. Our Authorized Agents provide the wireless industry support for network and infrastructure needs, including the acquisition of properties for tower locations.

  • Advantage Engineers
  • Airosmith Development
  • Beacon Development
  • Belleview Wireless
  • Centerline
  • Electrical Design Consultants
  • FP Lester
  • HPC Wireless
  • J Lee & Associates
  • MD7
  • MMI Titan
  • NBC
  • North Group
  • NTP Wireless
  • OnAir Communications
  • Reach Net Solutions
  • Selective Site Consultants Inc. (SSC)
  • SmartLink
  • Telecom Site Management
  • The Lyle Company
  • Thomson Wireless
  • Unkel and Associates