Keep your first responders connected and your community safe.

To do their jobs properly, your police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and other first responders need access to a secure, dedicated wireless broadband network. This ensures that when emergencies arise, these first responders have access to the communications and information they need to respond quickly and appropriately. Setting up such a system is crucial, but can also be daunting when you consider the various vendors and service providers you’ll need to manage—not to mention the rules and regulations you’ll need to navigate. We can help. As the nation’s largest provider of shared communications infrastructure, we already have the foundation for your network in place in your community, so you’re not starting from scratch. Using the same infrastructure that the wireless carriers in your community use, you can build your own dedicated network for first responders. And you’ll have our nationwide expertise and local relationships to help guide you through the process and make sure it gets done right. View our fact sheet.

Why we’re your ideal partner

  • Scale: Our network of more than 40,000 towers, approximately 65,000 small cell nodes on air or under contract, and approximately 65,000 route miles of fiber is already in place to support your mission-critical wireless deployments.
  • It’s already there: Using existing infrastructure gets you on the air quicker, saves you money, and puts you in accordance with federal mandates to leverage existing infrastructure.
  • Flexibility: We can help you expand an existing first responder network or create a new one from the ground up.
  • Reliability: Many of our sites can accommodate a multitude of hardening efforts, so you can take steps to ensure continued service in the event of a power outage or other disruption.
  • Expertise: We have local expertise and district managers in your area with decision-making authority.
  • Remote monitoring: Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center provides 24/7 remote monitoring and incident response to all our sites and observes FEMA regulations.
  • Quality vendors: We have relationships with the best vendors in your area, who will ensure the project gets done right.
  • In it for the long haul: 72% of our sites are owned or have ground leases for 20+ years, so you can have peace of mind knowing we aren’t going anywhere.

Services to support your public safety needs

Site leasing and management

  • Towers
  • Rooftops
  • Small cells
  • Dark fiber

Site development services

  • Site identification
  • Architectural & engineering
  • Zoning & permitting
  • Construction & installation

Monetization, marketing, & development of government sites & properties

  • Towers, rooftops, in-building, water tanks, land
  • Collocation demand analysis & growth planning
  • Installation and lease coordination

Built-to-suit & built-to-own

  • New tower development

CCIsites: The key to planning your network

We provide you with free access to CCIsites—our comprehensive database of wireless infrastructure—to help you plan your public safety network. This industry-leading tool can help you evaluate and select antenna sites from the most comprehensive list of both Crown Castle and non–Crown Castle assets in the US. After you’ve designed your network, you can use CCIsites’ estimated coverage tool to validate your design. Learn more about CCIsites.

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Questions and Answers

Can Crown Castle’s network of existing communications infrastructure be used by the states and by FirstNet?
Absolutely. Crown Castle has a solid track record of assisting numerous federal, state, and local government agencies with a variety of their wireless deployments. We would fully expect the NPSBN design to leverage the existing network of LMR and other public safety sites and fiber, but that will equate to only a fraction of the infrastructure needed for Band 14 LTE coverage. As the largest owner and operator of shared wireless infrastructure, we have the existing site portfolio to further assist with the coverage and capacity goals of the network. Beyond our unmatched scale of portfolio, we have the proven capability to perform all the necessary services from site identification to installation completion, and beyond.

Given that the NPSBN is to be “Public Safety grade,” can Crown Castle’s sites accommodate the necessary hardening?
While the hardening requirements haven’t yet been truly defined, many of our sites can accommodate the equipment required for standby or backup power, microwave, or other means of redundant telecommunications.

Given FirstNet’s desire for the NPSBN to cover the entire US with public safety LTE, can the use of Crown Castle’s sites satisfy their coverage objectives?
No. While our portfolio of more than 40,000 towers is spread across the continental US and would provide coverage to the majority of the population, there will still be pockets of rural and frontier landmass that will need additional vertical infrastructure. The mandate states the need for the NPSBN to leverage existing infrastructure to the maximum extent, but there will certainly be areas where the use of deployable technologies or satellite coverage or other arrangements will be necessary. In certain cases, Crown Castle would be interested in building new towers for the NPSBN efforts.

What differentiates Crown Castle from other tower owners?

Beyond our scale, we also have the highest quality of sites, in terms of:

  • Physical locations of the sites
  • Secured ground-space beneath our towers
  • Preventive maintenance standards
  • Rigid safety and training requirements

Beyond leasing space on towers to public safety, what else does Crown Castle offer?

  • Marketing of government-owned towers and rooftops
  • Build-to-suit infrastructure, when appropriate
  • Dark fiber
  • Site identification, architecture & engineering, zoning, permitting, structural analysis, and all preconstruction due diligence

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