See how our infrastructure serves as the foundation for the wireless access you rely on to connect, stay safe, and live your life every day.

Why Crown Castle?

  • Local team: We have people on the ground with the knowledge and authority needed to ensure proper planning.
  • A single point of contact: One project manager oversees the planning phase and is responsible for coordinating construction, regulatory, licensing, real estate, and other resources.
  • Vendors in place: We have strong relationships with the best vendors in the industry—no need to search and manage them on your own.
  • Dedicated, experienced people: We’re staffed with seasoned professionals, many of whom have over 10 years of experience in the industry.

More about Site Development Services

Site acquisition: We make the complicated process of identifying a site simple.

Site development:

  • Our CCIsites tool helps you identify potential sites.
  • We can help you speed up the process by handling the application entry for you.
  • Our system allows us to download accurate site information instantaneously.

Due diligence and filings:

  • We give you access to accurate, consolidated site documents from a single source within seconds. We can also quickly and efficiently obtain any documents that might not be readily available.
  • We’ll file and provide necessary approvals giving you accurate forecasting for your regulatory milestones.

Real estate services:

  • Our long-term relationships with landlords mean faster consent approvals, allowing you to complete your zoning submittal packages in a timely manner.
  • Crown Castle’s strong reputation with landowners can increase our ability to acquire new ground space quickly.

Other services: We also provide site audits, site inspections, and tower development.

Construction: We provide planning, management, coordination, and procurement services for new sites and use local resources that adhere to the highest industry standards. We provide:

  • Range of services for construction and project management
  • Power and telco coordination
  • Material procurement and management
  • Closeout packages

Architecture & Engineering: Our in-house structural engineers work with local surveyors, engineers, and other experts to ensure proper installation in the shortest time possible. We provide:

  • Structural analysis
  • Modification drawings
  • Site plans and lease exhibits
  • Surveys
  • Construction and zoning drawings

Zoning and Permitting: We have in-market teams with connections and local expertise that can help remove roadblocks that lead to unnecessary delays and expenses. We can assist with:

  • Zoning approvals
  • Building permits
  • Government approvals
  • Neighborhood meetings

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